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Welcome, my name is Ralph Kellogg. I am the owner of Mr. Window Man Window Cleaning. I have been cleaning windows in Medford and Ashland Oregon and the surrounding areas since 1995. Mr. Window Man Window Cleaning  is fully Registered, Licensed and Insured. I can promise you top quality service, because I will be the one that cleans your windows. For large jobs I bring a helper whom I have worked with since 1995. He is also insured. There are not any jobs to large for us. I specialize in Window Cleaning, but I also offer Gutter Cleaning.

   Why Mr. Window Man Window Cleaning?
1. Honest & Friendly  - I am all about treating my customers with gratitude and respect.  One of the highlights of working in, on, and around your home has been meeting & visiting with my customers and seeing how happy they are with my work.

  2. Super Clean Windows - I do great work, period. I have every reason to do a great job for you because when I do great work at a fair price you will call me back year after year. The other great thing about doing great work is you refer me to friends & family.   

3. Lowest  Rates - I have competitive pricing. I offer a great value to my customers. Window Cleaning is time consuming, hard work, and I really try to be fair with people. I have been told hundreds of times, that I have the lowest prices from customers. I have no employees and low operating expenses. This allows me to charge customers less. 


4. Experience - There comes a level of competency that can only come through experience. Rest assured that I have literally cleaned thousands and thousands of windows since I started cleaning windows in 1995. I am very careful about not dripping water in your home and not damaging anything. I am fast and and efficient. If I can not clean your windows they probably need to be replaced. I can only recall a couple of minor complaints from my early days but have learned from those mistakes. I have never damaged anything and have never had to use my liability insurance. So I guess you can say I have a perfect track record.

. Right Equipment - I have invested into having the right equipment. These equipment includes ladders, squeegees, mops, window cleaning rags and industry standard window scrapers, screen poppers, steel wool, and more. We also have Waterfed Poles for use on windows we can't get to with ladders. Waterfed poles use pure water to clean windows and dry clear. I use a Eco Friendly cleaning formula that will leave your windows looking great for a long time and it is safe to use around pets and children.

         Services We Offer

Residential Window Cleaning - Residential Window Cleaning includes cleaning windows, screens, wiping down tracks and removing nearby cobwebs. We are very careful around your flowers and plants and belongings. We leave everything how we found it and are very careful not to drip water inside your house. We have window cleaning down to an art and will be in and out of your home quickly.
Traditional Window Cleaning ( Mop & Squeegee ) vs Waterfed Pole On Residential?
I bring this up because some Window Cleaners prefer using Waterfed Poles to clean Residential Windows these days and say its better than Traditional Window Cleaning. You may end up having to choose between the two. Please go to our Residential Windows page for more information on this topic and to see why we use Traditional Window Cleaning techniques on Residential Windows.
Commercial Windows - Commercial window cleaning. Get on a weekly, monthly, or just a one time deal we will do it as you wish.
We have worked on many store fronts, retirement homes and many other commercial projects over the years and continue to do so. We are very good at keeping out of people's way and completing jobs fast. The Quality will be Great. We have The Tools  to complete most Jobs. On 3 Story windows and higher we may have to use whats called a Waterfed pole that uses pure water to clean windows and dries spot free.
Gutter Cleaning - We can clean out your gutters from debris. We don't throw the debris on the ground, we bag them up. We throw the bags away when done. We also check to make sure every thing is flowing properly and look for clogs. We clean gutters at a affordable rate. It does not take us very long so we don't charge very much.
Solar Panel Cleaning - We also Clean Solar Panels. We use Pure waterfed pole with a soft Horse hair brush. We do not use soap. They come out looking good and spot free. Pure water is a great safe way for Cleaning your Solar Panels. Cleaning them will improve their efficiency.

                          Get A Very Quick Estimate

If you would like I can give you a quick estimate online or over the phone.  You Just use the chart and video below to see how we count windows. You Just count your window panes and give me a call or text and let me know how many window panes you have. 

If you have a few little french pains along side your door or something let me know so I dont count them as a full window pane.

You can also send me pictures of your home if you like. I would need a picture of the front back and sides of it. You can send the pictures through email or text.

We also offer in person estimates but during the busy season it can take a couple days for me to make it out your place.

If I give a estimate over the phone or through email I will stick to the price and not charge you anymore. The only thing we would charge extra for is new construction window cleaning,  storm windows, extremely dirty window tracks. or if you miss count the windows panes.

We Serve Medford Oregon,  Ashland Oregon,  Central Point,  Eagle Point, Shady Cove,  Gold Hill, Talent & Surrounding Southern Oregon Areas.  

Streak Free Guaranteed, Reliable Service, Free Estimates, Competitive Prices

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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For a fast estimate count your window panes using the chart below and then call, email, text or use the contact form below and let me know how many window panes you have.

Video Below Helps Explain More How We Count Window Panes.

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