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Residential Window Cleaning
Residential Window Cleaning includes cleaning windows, screens, and wiping down tracks. We are very careful around your flowers and plants and belongings. We leave everything how we found it and are very careful not to drip water inside your house. We have window cleaning down to an art and will be in and out of your home quickly.

Traditional Window Cleaning vs Waterfed Pole On Residential?

I bring this up because a lot of window cleaners prefer using Waterfed Poles to clean Residential Windows these days and say its better than traditional Window Cleaning. You may end up having to choose between the two.
Traditional window cleaning - means using Mops, squeegees, ladders and soap on ins and outs. The most common and well known way.

Waterfed pole
- Is a long pole with a brush for scrubbing that uses pure water to rinse so it dries spot free and clear. They do not use soap just pure water. They are only used on outsides. Mops and Squeegees and Soap used insides.

We use Traditional  Window Cleaning Techniques for Residential Window Cleaning jobs. Traditional Window Cleaning is harder and takes a little longer than using a Waterfed Pole and you have to climb ladders but it does a better job because you are face to face with the window. You can also scrub it better and make sure it looks perfect when you walk away from it.
Windows cleaned by Waterfed poles don't always dry clear and clean. Many window cleaners don't stick around to make sure they look good after they dry. They also don't have the scrubbing power you get using mops and scrubbers.. They tend to leave tough to get off stuff on windows after cleaning them.

   Waterfed poles are a great tool to have for windows that are to high for ladders or windows that are to dangerous to do with a ladder.They are also great for doing commercial work where there is a lot of high windows. We like our Waterfed poles a lot and would love to use them for speed and safety reasons on residential but the quality they provide is just not up to our standards for residential. We just don't recommend them for residential Window cleaning. Especially if your only getting your windows cleaned one or two times a year.

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